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Issue 3- CEPIL News Letter

CEPIL NEWS LETTER Issue 3 Foreword The first duty of any society is Justice. This duty cannot be delegated, we each must rise up and make our contribution towards achieving Justice for all. As we end the first quarter we are pleased to inform you of our contribution towards achieving justice for all. In January

Issue 2- CEPIL News Letter

Centre for Public Interest Law- News Letter Issue 2 Foreword The holiday season has begun and we are overjoyed and immensely proud as we look back at the humble progress that we have made as an organization in the course of project year 2017. As we delight in the successes, we acknowledge that overcoming the

Issue 1- CEPIL News Letter

Centre for Public Interest Law- News Letter.   Issue 1 Foreword This is our first issue as an organization and we are proud of the small steps that we are making towards Justice, Equality and Dignity. Centre for Public Interest Law has been in operation for over six years and our mission is to protect


All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.
Winston Churchill
<blockquote>Kenya has an independent judiciary but ours in Uganda needs a two years' fasting.</blockquote>
Nobert Mao
The law established by the Creator, which has existed from the beginning, extends over the whole globe, is everywhere and at all times binding upon mankind.
Rufus King

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