Legal Briefs

Understanding the Sexual Offences Bill, 2018

Introduction The Sexual Offences Bill was first tabled in the 9th Parliament in 2015 and was re-tabled last year. The object of the Bill is to enact a specific law on sexual offenses for the effective prevention of sexual violence; to enhance punishment of sexual offenses; to provide for the protection of victim during sexual…

1 year ago
The Succession (Amendment) Bill, 2018, is being considered by Parliament once again.

The Bill addresses a gap in the current law on succession in Uganda. The Constitutional court identified this in the Petition filed by Law Advocacy for Women in Uganda against the Attorney General, Constitutional Petitions No. l3/05 and 05/06. In this case, the Constitutional Court declared provisions of the Succession Act, Cap 162 relating to…

1 year ago
The Public Health (Control Of COVID-19) Rules, 2020

Statutory Instrument No.52 Of 2020 The rules place a responsibility upon every owner, person in charge of, or occupier of premised, and every employer and head of a household, who becomes aware that any person who is residing on his or her premises, employee is suffering from COVID-19 to immediately notify a medical officer or…

1 year ago
What you need to know about the Legal Aid Bill in Parliament.

To begin with, Legal Aid is defined as legal advice, assistance, representation, education, and mechanisms for alternative dispute resolution. The objective of this Bill is to consolidate, update and modernize the Law on Legal aid in Uganda and to codify Government’s obligation in relation to the provision of legal aid as contained in international legal…

2 years ago