October – December 2019 (Issue 9)

We concluded collection of data on the performance of the Judiciary for the year 2019. The Research Assistants across the 24 assigned Courts of judicature did a great job in collecting data from various target stakeholders and we are looking forward to analyzing the data collected and to the eventual findings of the research.

September 2019 (Issue 8)

This quarter has been very intense and we are proud to let you know that the Judiciary scorecard report 2018 was launched and  Judicial officers were awarded for their outstanding performance in the year 2018.  We have commenced research on the performance of the Judiciary for the year 2019 and placed research assistants in 24…

July – September 2019 (Issue 8)

Inside this September issue, you will find highlights from our Dialogue on CSO and Media Freedom in Uganda, insights into our continuous review and evaluation of the Judiciary and an update on our online legal awareness campaigns.

April – June 2019 (Issue 7)

We have continued to mentor young lawyers to be champions and advocates of the Rule of Law. We had three Rule of Law Sessions; in April, May and June. In the last session, the young lawyers were awarded certificates of completion and participation. They are now tasked with sharing their knowledge  with secondary schools and…

January – March 2019 (Issue 6)

CEPIL embarked on a strategic planning process in order to create a road map for the future. We are disseminating Parliamentary Committee proceedings on social media and mentoring young lawyers to be advocates for the rule of law. We are in the process of developing proposed guidelines to guide the media while covering protests.

September – December 2018 (Issue 5)

Between September to December 2018, CEPIL presented an position paper on the Administration of the Judiciary Bill 2018, launched the Rule of law champions initiative, carried out research on the performance of the Judiciary and participated at the National Land Forum offering free legal aid to the public.

Issue 4

On the 15th of August 2018, CEPIL in conjunction with CISTIJ, recognized a couple of Judicial officers for their distinguished service in administration of justice basing on the Scorecard. More on this in the newsletter.

Issue 2

The holiday season has begun and we are overjoyed and immensely proud as we look back at the humble progress that we have made as an organization in the course of project year 2017.

Issue 1

This is our first issue as an organization and we are proud of the small steps that we are making towards Justice, Equality and Dignity. We have had a successful journey and would like to share these updates from the last two months and upcoming events to look forward to.