In order to conduct a search on land and acquire a freehold land title, the following steps must be followed;
Step 1
Make a written request for a search addressed to the Commissioner, Land Registration, describing the land that is the county, block, and plot number.
Step 2
Present the application to the Office of Commissioner Land Registration, who stamps it as “received’ in Room 2 (Second floor) by the Commissioner’s Secretary and approved by a Registrar of Titles on behalf of the Commissioner.
The application is forwarded to the Records Section to retrieve the file’s availability; then, you are sent to the Ministry’s Cashier (1st Floor) to pick a payslip and pay Ugx 10,000/=. The Cashier informs you which bank to make the payment.
Step 3
You then pay that amount in the bank and obtain a receipt that is presented to the Land Office. On verification of the receipt, the registry copy is retrieved, and a search letter signed by a Registrar of Titles is issued to you within three days after presenting the Bank receipt.
Documents required
• Application letter for a Search
• Proof of Fees paid at the Ministry through the bank: 10,000/= (Search fee).
Step 1
The Applicant must have in his/her possession;
• Fully completed Forms 4, 10, 19, 23,
• A set of 3 authentic deed plans,
• 3 Passport Photographs, Receipts of Payment
• A forwarding letter requesting for a Freehold title signed by the District Land Officer of the respective District where the land is located.
Step 2
The Applicant presents the full set of original documents in duplicate and a photocopy of the same, to the Department of Land Administration for Checking. The Photocopy is stamped ‘Received’ and returned to the Applicant. The Applicant checks with the Department of Land Administration after ten working days to confirm their approval or rejection.
Step 3
Once approved, the documents are forwarded to the Department of Land Registration for issuance of a Freehold Land Title. The applicant checks after 20 working days.