This is an anonymous survey on behalf of Centre for Public Interest Law (CEPIL); the survey is aimed at enhancing judicial independence by promoting an accountable and effective judiciary in Uganda.

Have you interacted with the Court system this year? Then you are the right person to give feedback in order to improve the quality and process of service delivery.

Conducts proceedings free from bias and discrimination

He / She gives time for one to explain their case

Informs accused of their right to bail (Applicable only to criminal cases)

Case file always available for proceedings

Gives service to court users / consumers on scheduled time

Makes effort to resolve the case in due time

Offers attention and care in analyzing evidence

Clear knowledge and understanding of the case

Explains reasons for absence before court or on arrival

Respects to court users (courteous etc)

Always available in court at scheduled times

Takes care that his/her work is not against culture, religion or sentiments of others

Conducts proceedings free from using strong or abusive language

Clarifies or explains to court users in a polite manner(e.g. delays, inconveniences etc)

Gives clear order and decision in court

Uses witness statement in civil case or commercial cases

Treats both genders equally