Report On The Dialogue Held Discussing The Independence Of The Judiciary

The dialogue was carried out on May 22 2019 at Imperial Hotel to examine the independence of the Judiciary in light of the Supreme Court’s decision and its role as the custodian of the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

The Basic Structure Doctrine and Constitutional Restraint: Take-away from the “Age Limit” Decision

This analysis addresses the content of the Basic Structure Doctrine, its scope and limitations. It also comments on the decision of the Supreme Court in Consolidated Constitutional Appeal No. 2 of 2018; Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka & Others v. Attorney General.

The Uganda Judiciary Scorecard Report 2017

The scorecard report provides an assessment report of key performance parameters for measuring the judicial officials and more importantly what the parameters reveal about the officials in terms of their weaknesses and strengths in the delivery of services to consumers and users of the justice system.

The State of the Judiciary Report 2016

This report has concerned itself with the state of the Judiciary in Uganda and examines questions pertaining to its institutional and organizational independence, judicial tenure and mandate, the operation and administration of the Judiciary and its interaction with other arms and departments of government.