The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda provides for the bill of rights under Chapter four. Chapter four embodies the rights that are to be respected by all authorities, the state and individuals. Article 45 comes in to state that the human rights provides for in the bill of rights is not exhaustive. This therefore means that the rights enshrined in the constitution are not the only human rights. This in addition means that we are entitled to enjoy all the human rights and freedoms mentioned in the constitution and all other rights not specifically mentioned in the constitution.

The rationale behind this is that human rights are inherent and not accorded by the state and that is why individual enjoyment of rights is not limited to what is provided for in the constitution. The notion of human rights goes beyond the violations that we see currently. As the world evolves, new violations come up that may not necessarily be provided for by the constitution. The essence of this Article is to curb any future violations to avoid instances where lack of express protection of certain human rights is used as an excuse to commit gross violations of human rights.