Article 84;

The voters of any constituency and any interest group have the right to recall their Member of Parliament before the expiry of the term of Parliament. A Member of Parliament may be recalled from that office on any of the following grounds—

  • Physical or mental incapacity rendering that member incapable of performing the functions of the office;
  • Misconduct or misbehaviour likely to bring hatred, ridicule, contempt or disgrace to the office; or
  • Persistent deserting of the electorate without reasonable cause.

Procedure to recall a Member of Parliament

  1. A petition in writing setting out the grounds relied on and signed by at least two-thirds of the registered voters of the constituency or the interest group and shall be delivered to the Speaker.
  2. On receipt of the petition referred to in clause (3) of this article, the Speaker shall, within seven days require the Electoral Commission to conduct a public inquiry into the matters alleged in the petition and the Electoral Commission shall expeditiously conduct the necessary inquiry and report its findings to the Speaker.
  3. The Speaker shall declare the seat vacant, if the Electoral Commission reports that it is satisfied from the inquiry, with the genuineness of the petition; or declare immediately that the petition was unjustified if the commission reports that it is not satisfied with the genuineness of the petition.
  4. Subject to the provisions of clauses (2), (3), (4) and (5) of Article 84 Parliament shall, by law prescribe the procedure to be followed for the recall of a Member of Parliament.

In conclusion, the right to recall a Member of Parliament is unpopular in Uganda’s political scene. The grounds on which to recall are almost impossible save for non-performance.