This right is provided for under Article 40 (4) of the Constitution of Uganda and it places a duty on the employer of every woman worker to accord her protection during pregnancy and after birth in accordance with the law.

This right is important because of the vulnerability that comes along with being pregnant and often times women workers are susceptible to many things during pregnancy. The idea behind this law is to protect pregnant women following the history that in the recent past, organizations and companies used to fire women from work after finding out that they are pregnant.

However, with this law in place, a pregnant woman has job security. The protection accorded under this right extends to physical protection in as much as the work place should be healthy and safe for the pregnant woman. It also extends to maternal leave after she has given birth in accordance with the laws governing employment in Uganda.

As a result of this law, discrimination against women at work basing on the fact that they are pregnant has gradually reduced.