Rule of Law Champion 2019

Isabella is one of the young lawyers who went through an intense mentorship program coordinated by the Centre for Public Interest Law. She calls upon every Uganda Citizen to be involved in the decision-making processes in Uganda and hold the leaders accountable to their constitutional mandate. She believes that watching and tracking our leaders will help us to hold them accountable and this a duty to all citizens in Uganda

By: Isabella Nakiyonga

Rule of Law Champions

Gad is one of the mentees who underwent intensive mentorship during the Rule of Law Champions Initiative Mentorship program in the Year 2019. He believes that the law-making process in Uganda needs to be more inclusive. As a result, many laws have been enacted without proper consultations with the community. As a young Lawyer, he has made it his mission to educate the community on the importance of their involvement in the Lawmaking process.

By: Gad Arthur Kisaalu