Case Summaries

Izza Wazembe vs Attorney General Civil Suit No. 154 of 2016
Izidoro Kizito vs Attorney General Miscellaneous Cause No. 102 of 2019
Herbert Kolya vs Ekiriya Mawemuko Kolya Civil Suit No. 150 of 2016
British American Tobacco Limited vs Attorney General Constitution Petition No. 46 of 2016
Arvind Patel vs Uganda Supreme Court Criminal Application No. 1 of 2003
Legal Brains Trust vs Hassan Bassajababala & 19 others Constitutional Petition No. of 04 of 2012
Best Kemigisha vs Red Pepper Publications Ltd Civil Suit No. 162 of 2012
Butebi Investment Enterprises Limited vs Kibalama Mugwanya Civil Application No. 354 Of 2013
John Kihika & Kaidoli William vs Absolom Tinkamanyire Civil Appeal No. 0086 Of 2014.
Dr. Emmanuel Otala & 3 others vs AG. Constitutional Reference No. 0340 of 2010.
Bamutura Henry vs Uganda Miscellaneous Application No.19 Of 2019
The Margarete Lugarama vs Nkumba College School Misc. App No.4 Of 2013
Rebecca Nagidde V Charles Steven Mwasa Civil Appeal NO. 160 of 2018
In the Matter of Trevor Mugumu (Child) and in the matter of an application for legal Guardianship by Namwanga Betty (applicant) Family Cause No. 68 of 2019
Harriet Mukoda aka Naigaga Hanifa vs International Aid Vaccine Institute & Others
Tumusiime Richard & 5 Others vs Mukwano Personal Care Products. Labour Dispute Reference No. 022 of 2014
The court will be wrong if it grants specific performance to a person with unclean hands, says the Supreme Court
High Court sets conditions necessary for granting Temporary Injunctions
Cohabiting is not marriage according to the law regardless of the years spent says the High Court
Court Clarifies the meaning of public service.