Land Rights

This project is based in Acholi Land which is found in the northern part of Uganda. The northern part of Uganda has a customary tenure system in which Land is owned customarily. Owing to the weak laws that govern the customary tenure system in Uganda, and the insurgency in the north, many individuals and district officials took advantage and sold off the land to land grabbers. When the people returned from the camps they found that their land had been taken over and they had no homes to live in or land to carry out any farming activities. These authorities that were meant to preserve the status quo during this period abused their authority and engaged in widespread land grabbing and this has led to an increase in land disputes.

As a response strategy, we are using the knowledge of the law to run a project that aims at corporatizing clans and enable them to protect their land. We hold meetings with community leaders to teach them how to set up trusts in which the land is to be registered. After registration, a certificate of title is issued and given to the community leaders.

Deepening the property rights for indigenous communities holding land under the customary land tenure system in Northern Uganda.

Other Programmes

Legislative Advocacy

Using Action-Oriented Research and Advocacy to Inform and Influence the Law-making Process.

Youth and Law

This involves Empowering Youth to be Rule-of-Law Champions, Advocates for Justice, and

Media Freedoms

This programme involves Enhancing democratic space for the media industry in Uganda.

Judicial Independence

Enhancing Judicial Independence in Uganda by promoting an accountable and effective institution