Legislative Advocacy

Under this programme, CEPIL seeks to influence, promote and ensure that the laws passed or the bills that will be passed into law by Parliament represent the Interest of the public.

CEPIL carries out research on specific legislation and submits position papers and opinion papers to the Parliament of Uganda. By doing this, we hope to influence the bills being passed into law and also share best practices implemented around the world today.

Where the laws already in existence are inconsistent with the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, CEPIL petitions the Constitutional Court for Interpretation.

A case in point is the case of CEPIL, Human Rights Network for Journalists & East African Media Institute v Attorney General (currently before the Constitutional Court). This case challenges the constitutionality of the press and Journalistic Act for limiting media freedoms.

Have a look at our case tracker for more of our cases challenging unconstitutional laws in Uganda

CEPIL also wrote and presented a position paper on the Administration of the Judiciary Bill 2018 to the Parliament of Uganda before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee in September 2018 in partnership with the Coalition in Support of the Independence on the Judiciary. This was followed by lobbying and advocacy for the bill which was later passed by Parliament on 2nd June 2020 and signed into law by the President of Uganda on 19th June 2020.

Using Action-Oriented Research and Advocacy to Inform and Influence the Law-making Process.

Other Programmes

Youth and Law

This involves Empowering Youth to be Rule-of-Law Champions, Advocates for Justice, and

Media Freedoms

This programme involves Enhancing democratic space for the media industry in Uganda.

Judicial Independence

Enhancing Judicial Independence in Uganda by promoting an accountable and effective institution

Land Rights

Deepening the property rights for indigenous communities holding land under the customary